Why Should We Care?

When a person falls ill, it is a mitzvah to visit him; this is known as Bikur Cholim. Bikur Cholim is a divine decree given to all humanity, a commandment that reflects the primary Biblical value, "And you shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Leviticus 19:18). The local societies of Bikur Cholim were one of the principle institutions established by Jewish communities through the centuries with the very first society formed in the Middle Ages. Today, local Bikur Cholim groups exist all over the world. People make time and commit to care for one another, bringing the strength of community and the connection of Jewish heritage to the bedside of those who are ill.


Bring food to a family with a new baby


Say psalms together or on behalf of the ill


Drive someone to a doctor appointment


Join us and be a part of our community

Join San Francisco Bikur Cholim

This project is an initiative of the RTC Chabad. For many years, Rabbi Ahron Hecht, who started Chabad House in the Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco over 20 years ago, wanted to launch a local Bikur Cholim program to assist those who are in need. Now, thanks to support from the community, this project is finally a reality.

Visiting the sick is included in the category of Gemilut Hasadim, "the performance of good deeds," but is singled out by our sages as something special. Bikur Cholim is a mitzvah whose fruit is enjoyed in this world and in the world to come.

San Francisco Bikur Cholim is a local organization that is in need of new volunteers as our community continues to grow. Opportunities for volunteering are available for local Rabbis, individuals, and families. We will work with you to find specific opportunities that are tailored to your individual talents and time-tables. If you would like to volunteer, please send an email to Contact RTC. If you do not have the time to commit at this point, please consider supporting this program financially.

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