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Have you or a loved one ever been in a hospital? If yes, then you know the power of a visit accompanied with a warm smile. In the Jewish tradition, visiting the sick is seen as a great act of kindness. In fact, by performing this act of kindness, one emulates the Creator, who performs daily infinite acts of kindness. The mitzvah of Visiting the Sick is so essential to Jewish life that the act of Bikur Cholim has been institutionalized in every Jewish community throughout the world. Jewish patients and their families, rich or poor, young or old, look for Bikur Cholim during times of illness knowing that with our help they will get the best care possible.

Bikur Cholim San Francisco

Not all of us have the time or emotional stamina to bring cheer to the sick. San Francisco Bikur Cholim is founded by Richmond Torah Center to help those in need. In addition to organizing visits of an experienced Chasidic teacher, the RTC Chabad will be providing many other services for people who are in the hospital or, otherwise, restricted to their homes.

Bikur Cholim San Francisco
Visit a patient in San Francisco Visiting patients in a hospital or nursing home as well as calling a homebound before Shabbos or Yom Tov.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Consulting and mentoring people who are restricted to their homes because of physical or psychological impairment or social isolation.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Preparing and delivering kosher meals to the homebound, ill, injured, and disabled adults in San Francisco who are unable to prepare their own meals.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Organizing prayer services for people in distress, coordinating special mitzvah opportunities, and saying psalms together or on behalf of the ill people.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Providing Shabbat hospitality or hosting relatives of a sick person. Orienting and mentoring new volunteers. Helping troubled teens who feel nobody understands them.

What You Can Do

San Francisco Bikur Cholim is a community-based organization and we are in need of new volunteers as our community and its needs continue to grow. Opportunities for volunteering are available for local Rabbis as well as individuals and families. We will work with you to find specific opportunities that are tailored to your individual talents and time-tables. If you would like to volunteer please send an email to office@rtchabad.com

People need to feel connected to their community, especially when they are ill or homebound. Bringing the community to the bedside lifts the spirit of those who may feel forgotten. There are many different ways in which one can participate in the Bikur Cholim program. Here are a few examples:

Visit a patient in San Francisco Visit a patient in the hospital/nursing home, or visit the homebound.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Drive someone to a doctor’s appointment or take someone's car to be filled with gas.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Help a child, whose parent is hospitalized, with homework.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Bring gift certificates so that a family does not have to depend on what others cook for them.
Visit a patient in San Francisco Provide Shabbat hospitality or host visiting relatives of a sick person.

Bikur Cholim San Francisco
Too busy to donate your time? No problem, you can help by providing your financial support